Thursday, October 21, 2010

A natural medicine approach to warts

In western terms, warts are the result of viral activity in an environment conducive to that particular life form’s health and well being. In oriental natural medicine terms, warts thrive because of the over consumption of animal protein, especially red meat and shell fish, and sugar which create an acidic environment. Either point of view, in order to be rid of warts, you must change the eco-system.

In Japanese Naturopathic practices, the acidic environment is altered by introducing ume tea internally through the digestive system and eliminating sugars and animal protein from the diet. This would, of course, include dairy, artificial sweeteners and tropical fruits.

Genital warts should be washed or soaked with an ume solution and/or moxa tea; other external warts, including plantar warts, can be ‘burned’ off by applying raw eggplant to the wart. This procedure involves cutting thick pieces of the flesh of the eggplant and bandaging onto the wart. Most warts or wart clusters can be covered with a slice of eggplant that fits under a 2 inch band-aid. Ideally, the eggplant should be changed about every 4-8 hours and the eggplant compress maintained 24 four hours a day. However, using the eggplant just in the evening/through the night can be very powerful. Direct moxibustion (Japanese ½ grain size kyu, once a day for 2-3 days) is also very powerful. Another approach is to use thick slices of garlic in the same manner as eggplant. Either one should begin to show results in 3-10 days.

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