Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Lunar Year & A Clinic Update

The Lunar New Year began on February 3, 2011;

Year of the Rabbit – may your inner energizer bunny be recharged this year.

As we head into this New Year and new decade, I need to acknowledge and thank each of you for your patronage and allowing us to be one of your of health care providers. We are honored and humbled that you invite us into the pathways of your life energy as you seek optimal health. We are grateful for your use of our services.

The past few months seem to have …..

Well, Mallory’s daughter, Lydia, is over three months old and I haven’t even sent out a note. I apologize, especially to those of you who’ve expressed such much interest and have asked of the welfare of mother and child. From the ‘git-go’, Lydia and Mallory have been fine. (And yes, it is Mallory who is sending you this New Year Blast.) With Mallory gone, it gets a little crazed time-by-time but we are adapting. Everyone misses her.

I could list the departure of Mallory, the birth of Lydia, the birth of her cousin, Xander, Thanksgiving, Family birthdays, Christmas, New Years, snow storms and procrastination as factors in how we strayed from our intent to have an article or video up on our blog site (www.naturallifetherapy.blogspot.com) once a week and a newsletter blast as often as possible. New Year’s Resolutions….stay tuned! And while I’m writing about blogs and videos, I must express gratitude and appreciation to Thomas Crone for shooting, editing and posting the videos on our blog site. Have you visited there lately? I also must thank those who partook in these interviews. I also must ask, are there subjects you would like seen covered by either written or video format? Thank you.

Many of you have met or at least have seen Penny Ziglin around the office; she began studying with Dr. Hackler this past autumn. It is always exciting when a new generation begins studying this very ancient art form. As her studies progress, she will need to practice Te a Te (Sacred Handwork) on many people. IAALM will definitely utilize her in the Wednesday Clinic.

As some have seen, we have moved the waiting room and office furniture around a bit and altered the art work; a little different energy unfolding.

And speaking of ENERGY, Jodi Apter, LMT, is relocating her Massage Practice to Natural Life Therapy Clinic, effective February 15th. We are pleased and privileged to have Jodi practicing her healing ways here. Look to our website (www.nltclinic.com) for more information on Jodi and what her practice provides (but it’s not posted yet). I can tell you this: she is incredible, her fees are quite reasonable ($60 for an hour session) and Natural Life Therapy Clinic has improved its services by having Jodi here. I don’t know when she will be taking new clients but will keep you posted. Jodi is featured in one of our recent video interviews. It’s on our blog site: www.naturallifetherapy.blogspot.com. You can also access this blog through the website: www.nltclinic.com.

So this is what I wanted to say this beautiful cold winter day. We really appreciate the relationship we have with each of you. We apologize for getting distracted. Even though there is snow on the ground, spring is not far away. The next two or three weeks is the ideal time to energetically re-balance so that the transition from winter to spring is without health incident. Preventive health care, I think it’s called.

There is one more issue I wish to address to you and that is to ask for your support of the low cost ‘people’s clinic’ that Jason and I have been operating since 2002. To show your support, I’m asking if you would send the Institute of American Acupuncture & Life Medicine (IAALM) a dollar. It would help a lot.

You probably have one in your pocket right now. It is one of the humblest among our mediums of exchange. It is the $1 bill. Not long ago, a buck got you the Sunday paper or a pastry at Bread Co. Now, everything is costing more; even low-cost costs more.

Sometimes we don’t think to give in small amounts because we don’t think it will be enough to make a difference. Giving a donation of $1 to a cause seems almost a joke even though we know and readily state, “every dollar helps.” It is true, $1 mobilized from each person in a community or network has the power to affect people’s lives and many facets of the community.

Recently, I read about individuals and organizations, “inspired by the power of $1”, who are raising money for very worthy causes by asking for a dollar. Actually, it’s a brilliant idea. Jason and I have provided continuous service to the underserved of our community for over 8 years. We formed a non-profit organization just for that purpose. We have received no salary for this work and we have often covered costs out of our own pockets or the pocket of Natural Life Therapy Clinic. We have been able to operate because of a supportive Board of Directors and the generosity of a few kind individuals and a couple of compassionate foundations. Now we would like you to donate a dollar to IAALM.

Perhaps you might donate a dollar just because you read this letter or a dollar for each IAALM clinic we conduct (2 a month) or a dollar for each patient we treat each IAALM clinic day (about 20 each day) or a dollar each time you receive a treatment or a dollar for Valentine’s Day. Anyway, you get my point. There is overhead, supplies are needed. If you can help, sent your tax deductable $1 to IAALM, 443 N. New Ballas Rd, Suite # 224, St. Louis, MO63141

That $1 in your pocket may be worth more than you think.


Thomas Duckworth and Jason Hackler

Sharon Reed (and yes, Mallory)

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