Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Tune-Up and Allergies

By Jason R. Hackler, L.Ac.

Spring is upon us. Life Energy is expanding. Growth is happening. Our sleeping patterns, our dietary habits and even our mental/emotional worlds shift. As the season changes, so do we. We may not always be aware of it, but our energy (Ki) adjusts to the new season and to everything in and around us. True preventative health care addresses these energetic shifts, facilitating these transitions into the beginning of the next season.
As many of you are well aware, this time of year in St. Louis, though filled with the wondrous beauty of the Midwest, may also be a time of full blown allergies, fatigue, sinus pressure and drainage, headaches, and more. Some of you have already come in for a treatment or two before allergy symptoms have worsened; this is definitely something Dr. Duckworth and I suggest to our patients. There are also a couple other suggestions, besides receiving a treatment, that may be helpful if you have mild to moderate allergy symptoms.

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids: 1000 mg two or three times daily. More is often more effective if it is hayfever type symptoms. If you have a sensitive stomach, try taking Ester C, a non-acidic form of vitamin C.

Sinusin Spray by BHI/Heel: This is a product of homotoxicology which has no adverse side effects. This nasal spray also has anti-viral properties and can be used for colds and sinus infections. You can purchase it at Neel’s Pharmacy (located at Sappington and Watson) or at Whole Foods Market.

Spray twice in each nostril three times daily when symptoms are present.

Allergy by BHI/Heel: These are tablets that dissolve in your mouth and may be taken every couple hours if symptoms are strong. I find these especially effective with children; they also have no known adverse side effects. Neel’s Pharmacy carries this product or a product similar to it.

Sinus rinse/nettie pot: This can be quite helpful if you have congestion or if you are working outside during pollen season. Personally I like using fine sea salt rather than the sodium packet that often comes with a rinse kit. Rinse daily if symptoms are strong.

Reduce sugar and any substance that you think you are sensitive or allergic to. This sounds rather obvious, however, as we all know, we often continue consuming something that we know is a challenge for us to digest; this will especially burden the immune system if you overdo it while experiencing allergy symptoms.

As Ben Franklin and now, Dr. D, say: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

So, really, don’t wait until you need five to ten treatments to facilitate your cure; receive one or two treatments and enjoy your Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!
With gratitude always,
Jason R. Hackler, L.Ac.
Thomas E. Duckworth, DKM, L.Ac.
Sharon Reed
Mallory Shocklee

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