Monday, June 6, 2011

Acupuncture Support for Joplin

Dear Reader,

As soon as Jason & I were aware of the devastation in Joplin, we asked, “What can we do?” We meant both individually as acupuncturists and collectively as the Institute of American Acupuncture (IAALM). We have answers to both of these questions and I am writing you to ask your assistance in helping us help others.
Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) is an international NGO headquartered in Albuquerque that provides trauma recovery services nationally and internationally. AWB has trained and guided volunteers in providing acupuncture services in post-Katrina New Orleans, post-earthquakes in Haiti, wildfires in California and Colorado, floods in Iowa and now this horrific tornado here in Missouri. On Saturday, May 28, AWB conducted an accelerated training program in Springfield, Missouri. The first volunteers began providing services in Joplin the next day. They stayed in a cabin at the KOA Campground and provided services in a church gymnasium. IAALM was represented by Board member, Mary Wallis, L.Ac. at the organization meeting & accelerated training and now we are partaking in a very meaningful expression of service, for which IAALM was founded nearly nine years ago.
Jason Hackler, Mary Wallis and Thomas Duckworth intend to go to Joplin and be part of the community acupuncture services being provided there. Closing down our practices to go give free services is costly, that goes without saying but the cost of transportation, food, shelter, first aid supplies, acupuncture supplies, hygiene and survival supplies will all cost. The shopping list provided for self-sufficiency is quite long and, quite frankly, if I can convince enough of you to make substantial donations, then IAALM will be able to help those practitioners who would volunteer if they had some economic help.
This is a brief call out for help. It is going to cost many thousands of dollars to put practitioners in Joplin. IAALM wants to sponsor at least the three practitioners who are part of IAALM. We also want to help AWB with its costs and efforts AWB has spent over $2,000 just to launch this effort and we want to help them with this expense. We also want to help any other practitioner who is willing to go to Joplin and partake in this effort.
You can send a tax deductable donation to IAALM (Institute of American Acupuncture & Life Medicine), 443 N. New Ballas Rd, Suite # 224, St. Louis, MO 63141 or go to our website and link to JustGive.Org and donate to the Institute on-line.
I know you are going to help. Thank you.
Thomas E. Duckworth, L.Ac.
Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine
Executive Director - IAALM

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