Monday, May 25, 2009

Energy Tips & Dr. Duckworth's Feedback

The website Zenhabits offered up an interesting list of 55 ways to add some energy, relaxation and reinvigoration to your daily life.

Here's the piece. We suggest you give it a read, then follow Dr. Duckworth's annotated notes below.


#1: Sure, change your socks. Better, maybe, don't wear any socks and/or when you get to work, takes off your shoes - everyone in the office should.
#2: Sure.
#3: Too short sighted. For allergies, need to be more 'pro-actice' - deal with it - taking charges of body health leads to feeling good (and rested) about yourself.
#4: Sounds good.
#5: Semi-sweet, 70+% dark chocolate ("for medicinal purposes only").
#6: Yes.
#7: This is correct - also, it has been shown that those who work long hours at a omputer stand up and stretch or walk to the water cooler every 30 minutes have an significanr increase in productivity and decrease of energy loss, headaches, bachaches and missed work days.
#8 + #9 + #10 +11 - Yes.
#12: Sure.
#13: Maybe works but need to sync with the seasons - follow the sun - also, if you do everything by clockwork,you may be rested but dull.
#14: True. Drining sugar drinks also make you sluggish.
#15: Yeah.
#16: Agree.
#17: Agree. Avoid not only white brear but all white flour products. Eat whole wheat pasta.
#18: Agree.
#19: Yes, but there's 50x more Vit C in parsley than in oranges (by weight).
#20: Sure. I use a grapefruit/citrus enzyme mist.
#21 Sure.
#22: Agree.
#23-26: Agree.
#27: Yes....see #7.
#28 - 42: Yes.
#43: Agree - Very important.
#44: If chronically fatigued, sees a holistic practitioner who incorporates nutritional counseling. Many diagnosed 'hypothyroid' cases I've seen, have been cured with meridian therapy and dietary changes.
#45-47: Yes.
#48: "Health is a laughing matter"(Patch Adams).
#49: Maybe.
#50-55: Yes.

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