Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NLTC Lists: The American Diet

It's a new feature! We ask Dr. Duckworth and Jason Hackler some simple questions, often in groups of five. Today, it's a bonus list, in that Dr. Duckworth's provided us seven items that most Americans could reduce or remove from their diet, for added health and vitality.

1) High fructose corn syrup.
2) Any processed edible (I'm hesitant to use the word 'food' here) with "sugar" listed in the first four ingredients. (The word "sugar" may read as glucose, dextrose, maltose, lactose, malt barley, corn syrup, sucrose, fructose - so many ways to list non-food/non-nutrient sweeteners.)
3) Red meat.
4) Fat = meat fat, dairy fat.
5) Fat + sugar = ice cream.
6) Frozen dinners.
7) 'Fast foods.'

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